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Full Stack Developer - Booking & Payment

  • Vedbæk, Hovedstaden, Denmark

Job description

We're looking for a Copenhagen Area Based Full Stack Developer. 

You will join our talented team of developers and work on various projects across different domains and technologies. You will collaborate closely with UI/UX designers, Project Managers, and Back-end engineers to plan and refine new features that meet the needs and expectations of our clients and users. You will also apply your analytical and critical thinking skills to make informed and effective decisions about the design and functionality of the features. 

Our headquarters is located in the Denmark that would be your main base. But you will be part of a UK-based team, and should be willing to travel to the UK occasionally for meetings and workshops. We are looking for a full stack developer with a lot of experience and a passion for new technologies and clean code. 

You are interested and enthusiastic about software development, and eager to learn and grow with new technologies. You are self-reliant and can prioritize your tasks with your team. You are a problem-solver and always seek to improve the code quality and performance. 

We require you to have a degree in Science or Engineering. Your creative and analytical skills are outstanding, and you are organized and detail-oriented by nature. You can handle multiple projects simultaneously and still maintain that critical attention to detail. You are proud of your work and deliver high-quality results.

Job requirements

We are looking for a developer with the following qualities: 

  • You have at least 3 years of commercial experience in front-end development. You are very comfortable with React and have worked on a commercial project using it recently
  • You have deep knowledge of web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) as well as using build pipelines such as Webpack
  • You have at least 3 years of commercial experience with back-end development, with a specific lean on NodeJS
  • You are confident with tabular databases and writing SQL queries
  • You have a solid grasp of architectural patterns and commercial software design principles
  • You have experience in basic agile sprint-based working and version control
  • Bonus competencies would be experience with Docker, AWS, Koa, Strapi and a higher level MySQL, such as trigger functions

Join the home of a powerful sports brand and a one-of-a-kind technology 

Our proprietary technology is based on expert knowledge about radar, computer vision, data, and software engineering. Our solutions are developed by specialists who endlessly explore and challenge new technical boundaries. TrackMan’s blend of cutting-edge technology, sports, and continued growth make our company an outstanding place to work. Our work culture is entrepreneurial, ambitious, and rewarding as you get to collaborate with inspiring colleagues and interact with the leaders of golf, baseball, and football. Based on a unique brand reputation, we are proud to work in close partnership with the top athletes, organizations, and teams that rely on our technology to stay ahead of the race. We are a Danish company founded, owned, and managed since 2003 by three entrepreneurs with a strong passion for sports. Today, we have a global footprint with our headquarters located in Denmark (Vedbaek) and offices in New York, Phoenix, Poland, and Tokyo. We employ over 650 people worldwide, half of which work in Denmark, where most hardware and software products are developed, tested, and manufactured. 

Where innovation happens 

At TrackMan, we know that great people make great products. We believe that teams thrive, and innovation sparks in an atmosphere where people are encouraged to think for themselves, where everybody’s voices are heard, and where the best ideas prevail in the pursuit of exceptional solutions. This mix makes TrackMan an inspiring company – for our customers and colleagues.